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All over social media, I’m seeing people attracted to rose pinks, soft purples, soft yellows and pastel greens. This is great! I’ll tell you why

First of all, all these colors have white in common. White is the color of fresh starts and new beginnings. All these different colors have different callings to where these new beginnings should lead.

Rose Pink:

This color is a calling for self-love, self-nurture and an unconditional love relationship with self. This color is asking you to fall in love with yourself. Falling in love with yourself; means healthy boundaries and loving yourself with no conditions. Don’t wait to get that body or that promotion to love and take care of yourself, just love you anyway.

Soft purples:

These lavenders and lilacs tones are calling you to cultivate gratitude for the things you do, and for who you are. Sometimes we focus on the next big step and forget about celebrating the small miracles that lead us to the big one. It is also a calling to look for meaning and purpose with everything you do. Find your soul in your new beginnings.

Soft Yellows:

Have you ever considered that vulnerability is strength.  This color is calling you to cultivate that inner power by looking at your vulnerabilities and embracing them. Learning to be courageous with your heart. It is also a calling for you to believe in yourself FULLY. Believe in who you are and the value you bring into this world by connecting to your inner sunshine. Watch this

Pastel greens:

A call for growth by letting go. No one ever thinks that these two connect but they are two sides of the same coin. What is it that you are holding on to that is stopping you from growing and developing. A past pain, a relationship gone bad, or habits. This color is a strong calling for you to let these things go so you can allow yourself to grow and flourish.


*Side note: We are all attracted to different colors at different times in our lives because its a message from our subconscious that we need this energy in our lives.