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New year, old you?

Has the old you followed your dreams into the new year?

You want to seize the opportunity of the new year but you’re worried about staying in the same old patterns.

You just peeled off the shrink wrap and, no matter how much you want it, it feels like more of the same.

Sometimes, we can be haunted by ghosts of the past that write our future.

They say never wake a sleepwalker, but how many more years can you wait before claiming back your life? There are no refunds or exchanges on your most precious gift–this moment.

But it’s flicking by, just out of reach, no matter how much you grasp.

We spend so much time retreating in our heads it’s easy to feel like a brain in a pickle jar, bloated but dissatisfied by an endless media feed.

We can hold ourselves in old patterns of our own making through outdated ways of thinking, seeing and doing

How do you think yourself out of a problem that thinking got you into in the first place?

Arrive back in your body, feel and be.

Our closets are often filled with unwanted artifacts that can hold us in old patterns, resistant to change, preventing us from imagining new possibilities and ways of being.

Reviving and renewing your space will allow you to see yourself anew.

And, spiritual work is not all inner work.

Our rituals with our spaces and our items should bring us joy aka *Marie Kondo style*, and when paired with deep inner work powerful transformations take place.

Through the ritual of shedding your old wardrobe and wearing clothes that spark joy, you can see how change is possible. 

Small adjustments to your space and wardrobe can have a positive influence in freeing yourself from the patterns of the mind that have you living like it’s Groundhog Day.

We will be pairing your inner and outer worlds

Change is possible with you.

Change is possible with life. 

Change is possible for the future. 

Wear your change.


Align and Activate


3-weeks to align, activate and manifest


Three 90-minute live sessions 🎉


Color therapy 


Breath work


Closet remake


Facebook community

It was very empowering to do this as a group and I could feel the sincerity in the open hearts of everyone. 

Stacey Morris

⚠️ Doors closing March 1st at Midnight








Whats included?


Cleansing and clearing

What will we cover?

We hear a lot of people saying, “my manifestations never work”, or I don’t feel like I can manifest. This usually happens because of stagnation in energy, it happens when we forget that just like our bodies our energy bodies also need to be cleaned, maintained, and from time to time a deep cleanse. 

This is what we are going to focus on this week: cleansing your energy, your space, your closet, and your routine. We will begin the process on Saturday on our first online session we will spend 90 minutes cleansing your energy and clearing the way for more vibrant light to come into your life we will also guide you to the workbook where you will find exercises and homework that will continue the work we did on Saturday the whole week.


Integration and clarity

What will we cover?

During the cleansing process, we realize and become conscious of different things in our lives, and we forget to integrate our learnings and give ourselves time to gain clarity so we can move forward with the manifestation process. 

This is the most important part of the process that people tend to neglect which results in lessons repeating themselves. 

This week we will use color, breathing, and passivity to integrate and gain clarity. This process will begin on the following Saturday’s 90 minute session. 


Manifestation and activation

What will we cover?

Our last week will be filled with excitement, joy, and activation. 

With the list you made the week before, you will have the clarity to activate all of your desires, energy and light your life up. We will spend the week manifesting, recreating, and moving mountains with our collective energy. 

All of this using breathwork, color therapy, your closet, and so much more that Ali and I will provide for you in
that space. 

Ali Levine

WOW!  I just did Ali’s workshop and it was incredible. She is such a powerful breathwork guide. The way she teaches is simple and very clear. 

She holds such a strong, loving space for people to go deep. I felt so many shifts happen during this session. Thank you Ali! ❤️❤️

Danielle H

Meet your hosts

Meet Ali

I am Ali Levine, an Intuitive Stylist, Breathwork Practitioner, and Transformation Expert. I help my clients breathe through their closet, tap into the ‘design’ of their soul, and come home to themselves through the wardrobe of their dreams.

Throughout my career, I have styled countless well-known celebrities (some of which include Candace Bure, Scheana Shay, Jesse McCartney, Holly Robinson Peete, Lisa Vanderump, Joey King, Peyton List, Ariana Madix, and many more as well as supported networks like Nickelodeon, Bravo, E! local new stations, and red carpet events, and even starred in a Bravo show called, Stripped that aired in 2017-2018. I recently walked away from Hollywood at the height of my career to support conscious women that I connected with most.

I believe that styling has less to do with pretty clothes and more to do with embodying our soul’s purpose! My signature process takes my clients through a self-discovery journey and transforms their closets into a place that is finally aligned with their authenticity, inside and out. Tools that I use include: breathwork, color education, visualization, mood boarding, and more. After working with me, my clients experience new energetic space to manifest their desires, joy, confidence, fulfillment, a badass wardrobe, and a sense of healing, that was disguised as my closet audit, which is always my secret weapon!

Whether you are in a full breathwork session with me or breathing through your closet, I’ll be bringing you home & into your B.E.S.T. self 

(Breathe Embody Surrender Transform)

Meet Walaa

I’m a Kuwaiti color therapist, energy alchemist, five-modal healer, and published author. I like to call myself a healing guide. As a middle eastern woman with unorthodox dreams, my darkest passage led to the light of freedom. I feel destined to guide women from all walks of life to embrace their shadow, live fearlessly and find spiritual freedom while staying connected to the daily lives they love. 

Using color therapy and her five-modal practice, I guide light healing through my one on one work, online courses and women’s circles. Find more about me www.color-ways.com

The healing that comes from working with Walaa is powerful and hardly can you forsee how far or where it could go. Do not underestimate the healing energy and fiery power of color to transmute what needs to be dissolved. I was carrying a childhood trauma that no amount of energy work had been able to detach from myself…

So magical and powerful! 

Alex M

Walaa Colchester

Together we decided to combine our knowledge, energy and love to guide you through a transformation process that worked for the both of us. A process that is speedy, effective and something you will be able to maintain.

Join us today 👇

Tier 1

Three 90-minute live calls

Color Therapy 

Breath Work 

Closet remake


Facebook group 

Save $111

Tier 2

✧ recommended ✧

Everything in Tier 1 – plus:

• Personalized Voxer group where you get live support from Ali and Walaa Monday to Friday 

• 30-minute 1-on-1 call with Walaa or Ali ⌲ VALUED at $288

Save $211

Don’t take our word for it 😍

I would like to say that Ali and the breath work sessions she facilitated for me, helped me so much. I was able to release stagnant energy through this gently guided process.  I could physically feel it move out of my body while realizing I had held onto it much too long.  Ali’s desire to connect and hold a loving space for me made it very comfortable and easy to trust and let go.  I would highly recommend breath work sessions with Ali!!!

Terrie Hayes

I was not a big believer of breathwork until I worked with Ali and it has literally transformed me. In just one session, she has taught me the tools I need to control my emotions through breath. I am so thankful for her and I look forward to working with her in the future 

Erica B

It blew me away how quickly my body responded to the sounds of the bowls. My chest felt strangely tight and I started to get warm to hot all over, it was wild to me. But if anything, it showed me that I have some serious traumas I’ve been carrying around in my heart center that no longer serve me. I wasn’t able to heal fully today, but I was able to receive perspective and awareness from your session today that has sent me on a new journey of self-awareness. I appreciate that so so much.

Amber Foley