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Since everything began with Covid-19 my body has been craving a move towards a vegan diet, I used to be vegetarian before, but my body is craving clean, organic produce. More color in my food, and as my intuition grows, it craving foods that are not tainted with fear. ⁠

I’ve also been contemplating and educating myself about what our meat consumption is creating in the world; the consumption of fear, the environmental impact… and so much more. ⁠Eating the rainbow is one of the most healing and rejuvenating things you can do for your body. ⁠

My journey hasn’t been perfect, it’s has its ups and downs, especially when a major part of your life revolves around trying new foods. People around you feel that they need to have strong opinions against your choice. It’s challenging. I’m taking it day by day, doing my best, and educating myself about the myths about veganism out there.

I also feel lucky that I live in a city where my options are endless. in this picture, you see an organic delivery from a family-owned farm outside of Barcelona. I have places such as @thelivingfood.barcelona @vacka42 and so many choices. I have friends like @treehouseibiza who has an amazing vegan recipe e-book. ⁠

Has anyone felt the same calling to change your diet?