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6 years ago… remembering me in this photo. We both have short hair this Walaa and me, we look the same but we couldn’t be living and feeling so differently today.

She didn’t know what she wanted in life, she didn’t know her emotions, or what she needed. She was trying to be someone she’s not and the two people inside of her were in constant battle.

She wasn’t good to herself, she lacked confidence, she was sad most of the time. Surrounded by plenty but felt so lonely. Filling gaps with purchases and spending. She had so many passions, talents and parts of her that she suppressed cause she was told she wasn’t born into the right family/world to have them, or that she’s crazy to have them. Because of those believes she didn’t love herself, she bullied herself and ppl around her, she was unforgiving.

In short she was trapped in a golden cage.

Fast forward today…….5years of color therapy and inner work. This Walaa is a distant memory but a cherished one. One that got me here. Where I’m surprising myself every day with the amount of compassion I can have, the amount of belief I have in myself and the people around me. The amount of healing I am giving and receiving. I live every day embracing my true emotions no matter who wants me to keep them in check.

I found my happiness journey by loving all parts of me hard. Believing in the parts that were once told “who do you think you are”
And embracing all my colors, dark, bright, vivid, neutral, all of me.

What are all your color? Colors you keep hidden? And the colors you show?