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Since the full moon on April 4th many of my clients and myself have been through what I’d like to call a crying marathon.

Spring usually brings these emotions that we’ve been hiding in closets, trying to shut away to the surface; and this full moon was oh golly just crazy. I’ve been feeling the urge to write about but damn it I was too busy trying to stop myself from feeling.

Until yesterday I gave up, and sat with it. I tell you I don’t remember the last time I cried this much, I’m still crying. It’s great it cleansing and refreshing to let go of all that burden of having to be ok for everyone else and because I’m spiritual I’m not supposed to feel negative feelings.

I decided to let go of that and be really spiritual and grieve, I let myself cry as I sat in my meditation space this evening cloaking myself with Orange light, letting that warm me up as I let go of all the bottled emotions.
I learned so much about myself in the last 48hrs and learned more about what to focus on and what to bring into my life. It was beautiful.

So here is what you can do if you are feeling the emotions creeping in:

1. Let them in and listen with no judgment

For us to grow and evolve we must be able to look at our negative emotions and let ourselves be angry, sad, or blue. Acknowledging these emotions gives them less power over us. These negative emotions have something to say to us, and we better listen so we can reach where we want. Listen you may learn more than you expect.

2. Write

Pick up a pen with a color you connect with, I love doing that cause it’s the easiest way to know which color is trying to talk to you in this moment in time, and start writing pour your heart out. one page, two pages, three’ whatever you need. studies have shown that writing when we are feeling uncomfortable helps us organize our thoughts and understand ourselves better.

3. Cry, scream, dance, move and feel

Moving our bodies is one of the great keys to moving blocked energies in the body, most negative energy gets stored in the joints, so moving your joints around will force you to look at these bottled up energies and release them. I used dancing and as I was dancing all I could feel is orange surrounding me, so I connected with it. This color helped me really let go and this is how I cried a river the next morning.

4. After you let go, ask yourself what color do I need

Sit in meditation, in your comfortable meditation spot and take a few deep breaths, ask yourself what color am i? whatever color comes up connect with it (it’s always the color you think about first, don’t over think it) Then visualize rain or a waterfall of that color showering you with all it’s beauty and washing away what no longer serves you.

Love and Color,

Walaa color ways