Feeling energetically blocked, is your luster for life waning or is your future path unclear?

I used to experience rock bottom energy levels, general disinterest in life and feeling unsure of what I should be focusing on and out of alignment with myself.

But no more.


Introducing the
10 Days of Color course


10 days to get you unstuck, unblocked and aligned


Learn why you’re attracted to certain colours and specifically how you can use these colours to make shifts in your life


Learn what colours to wear and surround yourself with to bring abundance, clarity and healing


Deepen your meditation practice with healing colour energies, learn how to use mudras and so you’ll feel balanced and grounded

I want you to have a glimpse into the world of color by working with only four colors for ten days.

This digital ebook will also help you heal physical trauma, release old emotions to feel a sense of peace and freedom and you’ll learn techniques you can use when life brings you unwanted surprises.

Chromatologist specializing in modern-day soul alignment, taking you on a beautiful journey of inner transformation.

If you want to remove your internal blocks, find a sense of grounding and peace and bring more clarity and healing into your life this course is the perfect place to start.