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“I had trouble getting away from a toxic relationship and with the red I became more grounded and my vision changed. Each colour brought me something. I am very surprised at how powerful this is.” 


“The 10 days spirit spa colour was incredible and more powerful that I could have ever expected. Each colour brought me a deeper insight of who I am. I felt each colour and each day it became stronger.”

Use color to manifest the life you desire

Bring happiness back into your life with Spirit Spa


For the woman who wants to glow from within, release what’s holding her back, start living by her own rules🌟

You Can stop

  • Judging yourself harshly
  • Struggling to be yourself.

  • Feeling ashamed or guilty of what you want,
  •   feeling like something is missing.

I know how hard it can be to let yourself dream and believe you can have your desires 

Your intuition knows that there is more to life than this, but you don’t know how to shake the heaviness and stop living life on auto-pilot.

  • You know you could be somewhere much much better that wouldn’t affect you mentally as much as your current job or situation.

No More believing that you are too much and your dreams are pointless

You want to:


Cure the need to explain yourself and every move


Stop obsessive thinking 


Feel more like yourself every day


Banish feelings of guilt


Be more confident,


What’s included ☟


Day 1 – Grounding 

We’ll ensure you arrive in your space, prepared for the next ten days. It’s easy to fall out of balance over a busy week and accumulate frantic energy.We’ll help you form a quiet space to bring a halt to the wild scramble, preparing you for a transformative two weeks. We’ll guide you through a grounding meditation, the basis for all energy work, and show you how to release energy back into the earth. Our environment understands how to recycle and redistribute all kinds of energy.

Day 2 – 3: Red Vitality

Building on our practice, we’ll deepen our focus on the body, forming a strong core base with the colour red. We often neglect red energy, but its low frequency is one of strength and pulls energy down, further grounding us. It serves to replenish and prepare you for a demanding week when you need a lot of physical strength and power.
Red helps materialises residual emotional build-up, allowing us to clear physically any trauma stored in your body.

Day 4 – 6: Orange intuition

Shifting from the body, we now focus on our emotions by working with orange. Orange is a mother energy, clearing relationship and mother blocks, grief and sadness. Our hips and belly can hold a lot of anger, so we use orange to connect and balance our feminine energy. The belly is where creation begins. We will work to release any blockages so that you’re able to generate new thoughts, ideas, and projects – and take action on them.

Day 7 – 9: Yellow Courage

We now elevate ourselves to the level of the mind with yellow. Yellow is a powerful, illuminating force; we can harness it to lift our courage, confidence, self-belief and inner power. We can  amplify our problem-solving abilities, shift our imposter syndrome and face our shadow, bringing light into the darkness. Focusing on our logic centre, we’ll  use critical thought to help you move beyond  emotional impulses and let go of what no longer serves you..

Day 10: Golden Balance

Gold is our highest frequency; expansive, expanding, calming and reassuring. Drawing on the divine, we harness its energy to carry us like the wind in a sail. It is a gilding energy, yielding abundance and prosperity. Gold stabilises and balances to set our work in a place, so it doesn’t dissipate, staying with you long after you leave the spiritual spa.


How long do I have access to this course?

You will have forever access to this course, if we ever take it down we will give you the opportunity to download all videos before that happens.

Do I have any access to you personally?

No, this is a digital program, but we do offer an upgrade that gives you VOXER app access where I will join you on this 10-day journey with personalized voice notes on the voxer app.  I only offer 10 of these a month. 

How many videos are there?

There are four videos in this course. Some of these videos will need to be done more than once for the benefits to be felt and seen on a larger scale.

What if I have problems accessing the program?

My team and I will be working on resolving any technical issues. You will receive a reply to any issue between 24hrs – 48hrs upon sending it to hello@color-ways.com

When will I feel and see the benefits of this course?

This work is energized to give you benefits such as better sleep, clearer energy and much more almost instantly but it’s also designed to give you bigger benefits when completely finished and followed.