Use color to manifest the life you desire

Easily attract love, peace, money and happiness back into your life with Spirit Spa:

 A 10-Day Guided Spirit Cleanse: This is not a sit in front of your screen and listen to me talk. I will briefly tell you what we are doing and you will jump straight into the healing and results.  


What is Spirit Spa?

10 Day Spirit Spa – Color Code Initiation

A short online course containing a series of recorded Color Alchemy meditations which help connect you with a deep resource of love for yourself~

~ leaving your heart brimming, not depleted.

Using colour, sound therapy, visualisation and meditation, we’ll free you of obsessive thinking, so you’ll feel more grounded and capable of handling life’s daily challenges.

For the woman who wants to glow from within, release what’s holding her back, start living by her own rules &

manifest happiness and fullfilment 🌟

As seen in

Tell me, does this sound familiar?


  • Tend to judge yourself so harshly and lie in bed at night reliving scenarios over and over, wishing you’d done things differently.
  • Struggle to be yourself and say what’s on your mind, even around friends and family.

  • Don’t want to have to grit your teeth through life and just “get through it”.
  • Often feel ashamed or guilty of what you want, so you bury your wishes and desires (or put others’ ahead of your own, leaving you feeling like something is missing.)
  • Want to find a new level of being which illuminates from within, leaving you brimming with love even on the worst day.


  • You feel out of place, but there’s nothing to do but power through.
  • Don’t know how to find happiness, and help seems so far away.
  • Lie in bed at night reliving scenarios over and over, wishing you’d done things differently, angry at not being able to use your voice.
  • Sometimes struggle to be yourself, even with friends and family, and life can feel like a performance.
  • Often find yourself ashamed or guilty of what you want, so you bury your wishes and desires. Or put others’ ahead of your own, leaving you feeling like something is missing.

I know how hard it can be to let yourself dream and believe you can have your desires while your inner voice judges and shames everything you do. I once felt trapped by my circumstances and was unable to freely express myself.

Your intuition knows that there is more to life than this, but you don’t know how to shake the heaviness and stop living life on auto-pilot.

  • Your family thinks you’re a bit weird; you feel misunderstood and hate not being able to say the things you want to say.
    • You’re struggling to escape from external pressures, and you’re frustrated when your day doesn’t go as planned, leaving you stuck in toxic thought loops.
  • Work is draining your spirit and stressing you out
  • You know you could be somewhere much much better that wouldn’t affect you mentally as much as your current job or situation.
  • You feel like you aren’t able to make a meaningful difference in your community or make a positive contribution to the world as much as you’d like.

No more feeling wrong, alone, or judged.

No More believing that you are too much and your dreams are pointless

Imagine if you could:

  • Form a quiet space in your busy life where you can focus and prioritise yourself (self-care isn’t just about scented candles and bubble baths)
  • Cure the need to be understood by no longer feeling the need to seek other people’s opinions, or rely on them for how you should judge yourself.
  • Break default cultural programming and become more independent and unapologetic with your choices.
  • Feel more like yourself every day and stay true to who you really are.
  • Attract what you want into your life: love, abundance, peace, money and happiness

Introducing Spirit Spa: A 10-Day Guided Spirit Cleanse

Using colour, sound therapy, visualisation and meditation, we’ll free you of obsessive thinking and transform, heal, and shift your energy from lack, to one of abundance. So you can manifest the life that aligns with your highest self.

& completely radiate from within 🌟


We’ll cover five modules over ten days, with a video guide to accompany you on your journey. Layering a different colour frequency each session, we’ll draw on the boundless energy around us to re-power your luminescent soul.

10 Days of Color - Color ways

We’ll dive deeper into each practice with a PDF workbook containing simple, easy to follow steps, diagrams and a place to explore thoughts and feelings, helping to clear any resisting energetic blocks. You’ll gain a login to the member area, so course materials are always available so you can watch at your speed.

My biggest source of frustration over the last 12 years was why did I feel like hiding, healing and not being seen? All of this leads me to you, however! Things are looking up, our business is growing, and I am coming into my own as a business owner. I have learned valuable lessons about love and life and let some heavy things go. 


Unlike other programs, we work deeply with the overlooked power of color, tapping into the different properties of light frequency.

We also work with healing sound frequencies from singing bowls, made from crystal and stone, to ground and centre your body.

We harness our physiology through our breathwork and bodywork, disrupting wayward thought patterns. By forming a more deliberate bodymind connection, we increase focus and can arrive in the moment.


Finally, gentle, guided mindfulness meditation trains the mind to visualise and hold with deliberateness what we want to most attract, allowing us to manifest those properties into our life.

Spirit Spa is for you if:


Form a quiet space, both physical and mental, in your busy life where you can focus and prioritise yourself (self-care isn’t just about scented candles and bubble baths)


Cure the need to be understood by no longer even feeling the need to seek other people’s opinions, or rely on them for how you should judge yourself


Stop obsessive thinking and the constant feeling of being scattered or behind.


Clear away heavy, sticky emotions around relationships, grief and sadness


Shift into a more creative zone, where your imagination has room to generate ideas with flow and ease


Feel more like yourself every day; being true to who you really are and replenishing yourself so you can nurture from a place of abundance


Be more confident, banish feelings of guilt, develop a deep, sustainable inner source of power


Let go of what is no longer serving you


Feel truly abundant, expansive and grateful every day no matter what life throws at you


What’s included ☟


Day 1 – Grounding 

We’ll ensure you arrive in your space, prepared for the next ten days. It’s easy to fall out of balance over a busy week and accumulate frantic energy.We’ll help you form a quiet space to bring a halt to the wild scramble, preparing you for a transformative two weeks. We’ll guide you through a grounding meditation, the basis for all energy work, and show you how to release energy back into the earth. Our environment understands how to recycle and redistribute all kinds of energy.

Day 2 – 3: Red Vitality

Building on our practice, we’ll deepen our focus on the body, forming a strong core base with the colour red. We often neglect red energy, but its low frequency is one of strength and pulls energy down, further grounding us. It serves to replenish and prepare you for a demanding week when you need a lot of physical strength and power.
Red helps materialises residual emotional build-up, allowing us to clear physically any trauma stored in your body.

Day 4 – 6: Orange intuition

Shifting from the body, we now focus on our emotions by working with orange. Orange is a mother energy, clearing relationship and mother blocks, grief and sadness. Our hips and belly can hold a lot of anger, so we use orange to connect and balance our feminine energy. The belly is where creation begins. We will work to release any blockages so that you’re able to generate new thoughts, ideas, and projects – and take action on them.

Day 7 – 9: Yellow Courage

We now elevate ourselves to the level of the mind with yellow. Yellow is a powerful, illuminating force; we can harness it to lift our courage, confidence, self-belief and inner power. We can  amplify our problem-solving abilities, shift our imposter syndrome and face our shadow, bringing light into the darkness. Focusing on our logic centre, we’ll  use critical thought to help you move beyond  emotional impulses and let go of what no longer serves you..

Day 10: Golden Balance

Gold is our highest frequency; expansive, expanding, calming and reassuring. Drawing on the divine, we harness its energy to carry us like the wind in a sail. It is a gilding energy, yielding abundance and prosperity. Gold stabilises and balances to set our work in a place, so it doesn’t dissipate, staying with you long after you leave the spiritual spa.

Meet Your Color Healer! 

Walaa is a color therapist and published author. As a Kuwaiti-born woman with unorthodox dreams, her darkest passage led to the light of Barcelona. Walaa is destined to guide women and entrepreneurs to embrace their shadow, live fearlessly, and find spiritual freedom. 

She guides healing through her online courses and women’s circles, using her color therapy-inspired five-modal practice.  She is the living proof that color activates your dream life from within… You can see it here. 

I always thought of getting help, but it was completely far away. For months, I thought about it. But how could I pour out my heart, tell a stranger the deepest secrets of my life? When I watched her on a group live, I remember how exciting it was. I was like — “Walaa recognises me”. She said something very personal to me. I never knew such things existed — and it’s just perfect in every way! There is this whole other special kind support I don’t think people realise.


I didn’t want anyone to know I was having problems, but having someone who understands me and my background, my community… [really helped]. I like having someone to talk to without feeling judged, or just having a safe space to be me and to be heard. Sometimes I just want to talk to someone, and you [Walaa] were there!

Noora Alkuwari

10 Day Spirit Spa is a fast, affordable program to provide you a moment of peace within the busyness of life. Bathe your soul in light and restore your energy in under two weeks! 


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I saw myself in [Walaa], and I see she’s healed. I like who Walaa became, this is what I strive to be, so I want to work with her. [She] knows what I’m going through and understand it on a deeper level that not anyone or other therapists would understand.
When we started, there was a lot of cultural programming… a lot of unawareness of emotional health, and what that means—boundaries, peacefulness, health, and being ok and being happy and prioritising myself.
When you work on your programming, it doesn’t always just go away; you have residue, but you get better. It’s something you always have to work on, and I think it’s just about coming to terms with what I need now; about developing the strength to continue the work we did.

Muneera Alkubaisi


How long do I have access to this course?

You will have forever access to this course, if we ever take it down we will give you the opportunity to download all videos before that happens.

Do I have any access to you personally?

No, this is a digital program, but we do offer an upgrade that gives you VOXER app access where I will join you on this 10-day journey with personalized voice notes on the voxer app.  I only offer 10 of these a month. 

How many videos are there?

There are four videos in this course. Some of these videos will need to be done more than once for the benefits to be felt and seen on a larger scale.

What if I have problems accessing the program?

My team and I will be working on resolving any technical issues. You will receive a reply to any issue between 24hrs – 48hrs upon sending it to

When will I feel and see the benefits of this course?

This work is energized to give you benefits such as better sleep, clearer energy and much more almost instantly but it’s also designed to give you bigger benefits when completely finished and followed.